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Crafting Healthy Smiles: Expert Dentistry Tailored for You

At Doctor's Space, our dentistry department, spearheaded through the adept Dr. Amina Tahir, BDS, RDS, FCPS (R), guarantees top-tier dental care. Dr. Amina Tahir, a skilled dental healthcare professional that specialize in prosthodontics, leads our crew, bringing information in scaling, polishing, extractions, bridges, treat yellow colored teeth and implants. Her proficiency ensures particular and personalised treatments that prioritize affected person comfort and oral health. Moreover, we collaborate with Dr. Maryam Hanif, an esteemed orthodontist, to be had for appointments, enriching our dentistry services. While Dr. Amina Tahir manages the department, Dr.Maryam Hanif brings her know-how in orthodontics, catering to particular orthodontic wishes, aligning teeth, and supplying comprehensive orthodontic care. At Doctor's Space, our dentistry department is devoted to delivering advanced, affected person-centric dental solutions. We prioritize oral health by using supplying a big range of services, making sure that each affected person receives tailor-made, tremendous care. From habitual test-united statesto advanced processes, our crew, led via Dr. Amina Tahir, ensures a cushty and comprehensive dental experience, ensuring wholesome smiles for all our patients.

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Rejuvenate Your Movement with Expert Physiotherapy

At Doctor's Space, our committed physiotherapy branch, led via the gifted Dr. Umair Ashfaq, gives a complete spectrum of specialised offerings to enhance your bodily nicely-being. Dr. Ashfaq, a seasoned sports physiotherapist, brings a wealth of knowledge to the desk. His specialization includes an array of offerings which include taping, muscle rest techniques, healing sports, and the historic artwork of hijama, along a complete spectrum of physiotherapy treatments. Our commitment is to restore and optimize your body's capability, whether you're convalescing from an harm, looking for performance enhancement, or aiming for standard well-being. Dr. Umair Ashfaq’s talent in sports physiotherapy guarantees tailor-made solutions designed to satisfy your particular wishes. Our technique encompasses no longer just rehabilitation but additionally prevention, schooling, and sustainable fitness practices, making sure a holistic and customized remedy plan. Experience comprehensive physiotherapy services tailored in your dreams at Doctor's Space. Dr. Umair Ashfaq and our expert group are devoted to empowering you towards improved mobility, power, and a ache-free lifestyle.


Specialized Gynaecology in Gujranwala City

With a commitment to turning in top-notch care, Dr. Sabahat makes use of the high-quality ultrasound system in Gujranwala City Housing Society, ensuring correct diagnostics and particular critiques. Her willpower extends to imparting compassionate and customized care to every patient, addressing issues and presenting powerful remedies in a comfortable environment. Additionally, Doctor's Space proudly gives Dr. Amina Mansha, another official gynaecologist within our esteemed crew. Renowned for her remarkable reputation and know-how in women's fitness, Dr. Mansha complements our gynaecology services along with her dedication to patient-centric care and comprehensive gynaecological solutions. At Doctor's Space both Dr. Falak Sabahat and Dr. Amina Mansha collaborate to offer exceptional gynaecological care, making sure every woman gets expert attention and tailored treatments for his or her properly-being. Trust us for holistic and compassionate gynaecology services that prioritize your fitness and comfort peculiarly.

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Your Dedicated Nutritionist and Dietitian

Meet Nafessa Batool, a passionate and devoted nutritionist and dietitian at Doctor's Space, committed to guiding you towards a more healthy life-style. With a wealth of know-how, she gives personalized eating regimen plans designed to yield splendid consequences. Nafeesa Batool's method makes a speciality of crafting tailored diet plans that cater to character desires, making sure not only powerful results but also sustainable dietary adjustments. Her dedication to your properly-being is meditated in her emphasis on healthy nutrients and life-style changes that align with your dreams. At Doctor's Space, Nafeesa Batool's super diet plans have garnered acclaim for their effectiveness. Whether you seek weight control, nutritional recommendation, or nutritional changes for fitness situations, her personalised technique ensures a route to a more healthy you. Trust Nafeesa Batool's know-how to convert your method to nutrients and health. Experience first-rate outcomes and include a healthier lifestyle tailor-made just for you.


Your Trusted Family Physician

Meet Dr. Afzal, MBBS, a dedicated circle of relatives doctor at Doctor's Space, dedicated to making sure complete healthcare for you and your loved ones. With a historical past in own family medicine and a respected reputation as a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP), Dr. Afzal brings a wealth of information to the area of number one healthcare. As a seasoned own family health practitioner, Dr. Afzal specializes in supplying holistic care, catering to various scientific wishes throughout all age businesses. His compassionate technique and sizable understanding permit him to deal with various fitness concerns, from common illnesses to persistent conditions, making sure personalised and effective treatments. At Doctor's Space, Dr. Afzal stands as a cornerstone in handing over exemplary healthcare services. He emphasizes preventive care, fostering a patient-medical doctor courting built on believe and know-how. Dr. Afzal's dedication to promoting overall well-being aligns along with his notion in proactive healthcare, empowering patients to guide more healthy lives. Whether it is ordinary test-ups, managing chronic ailments, or addressing surprising health issues, Dr. Afzal's information and dedication make him your pass-to own family physician. Trust in his proficiency and compassionate care for a more healthy, happier you and your family.

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Precision in Diagnosis: Partnering with the Best Associate Lab

At Doctor's Space, we satisfaction ourselves on participating with the best associate lab to make sure correct and reliable diagnostic services for our sufferers. Our dedication to turning in advanced healthcare extends to our partnership with this esteemed lab, renowned for its cutting-edge era, professional professionals, and unwavering dedication to precision in diagnostics. With modern-day device and a group of skilled technicians and experts, our partner lab stands as a beacon of excellence inside the scientific community. From habitual blood checks to advanced imaging studies, their meticulous approach ensures precise consequences, assisting our healthcare specialists in making knowledgeable choices for your properly-being. Rest confident, at Doctor's Space, our alliance with this pinnacle-tier companion lab underscores our commitment to offering you with the highest standards of care. Your fitness and peace of mind are paramount, and our partnership guarantees accurate diagnostics, permitting effective remedies and better healthcare results.